As many of you know, Go Rope was founded as much more than just a tee shirt company. When my father suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in 2008 during a team roping jackpot, life, as my family knew it, changed forever. In the 8 years since the accident, my dad regained his ability to walk and talk and do a few of the things he enjoyed prior to his injury.. Unfortunately, he’s never been able to rope again due to permanent disabilities he now suffers from.. However, he has never stopped trying and working toward his ultimate goal—to back in the box to run a few more steers. Watching him spend hours re-learning how to rope the dummy is truly inspiring. Seeing him spend hours in a lawn chair at various ropings just to watch others still do the one thing he yearns for is humbling. Riding out of the arena after a winning a big jackpot, only to see him hobbling up the road to congratulate me, bursting with pride, and barely able to get the words out through his excitement, well….that’s a gut check and a huge dose of perspective….and of these things, Go Rope was born.

Our tagline, “Life is short, Go Rope” was basically my go to phrase to encourage people to do what they love and never take the blessings they had for granted. I learned just how quickly those things and abilities could be taken away from us….and how much I had been taking mine for granted.

Since the launch of Go Rope in 2014, I have enjoyed hearing from fans and customers about why our story resonates with them. Those conversations, whether in person or in email, touch me deeply. It’s in those conversations that I am reminded that we are not just offering tee shirts and hats….we are offering a reminder to lead a life full of joy, love, and laughter, with a grateful heart for the chance to do the things we enjoy with those we love.

Life is short. Go Rope.