An Open Letter to the Breakaway Ropers at The American....

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An Open Letter to the Breakaway Ropers at The American....

To all of the breakaway ropers competing at The American this week, whether you are headed to the big stage at AT&T Stadium or headed home and back to “real” life,

I mean the following with all my heart:

Nicely done.  I am fiercely proud of you. 

Breakaway roping is undoubtedly getting the most publicity it ever has – with bigger payouts and incredible platforms only dreamed of previously by every girl who has ever backed in the box to be two flat.  And while big names like Jackie Crawford and Lari Dee Guy have done a lot to break that glass ceiling and introduce this great event on a national stage, YOU are the ones who are cementing it as a legitimate event that belongs in major events, such as the WCRA and The American. 

YOU are the ones who have taken time off school and work and traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to compete.  YOU are the ones who have fought to find the balance between being a good mom/wife and doing what you love.  YOU are the ones who heard the voices in your head wondering, “Should I do this?  Am I good enough?  What if I fail?”  YOU are the ones that silenced those voices, knowing that regardless of the outcome, the regret of not chasing your dreams cuts far deeper than pulling your hat down and going after them with a vengeance, even if they happen to slip out of your grasp…for now. 

While watching the slack and buyback rounds being nationally televised on the Cowboy Channel, I was inspired by ALL of you.  As students, wives, mothers…as COWGIRLS, I am certain that you made many sacrifices to get there this week and worked incredibly hard to prepare.  I am certain that you’ve roped the dummy a million times.  I’m certain that you love the horse you’re riding with all your heart and soul.  I’m certain that you have great hauling partners and have made memories this week with friends and family that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  I hope you continue to set goals for yourself and pursue them with fearless determination.  I hope you continue to seize every great opportunity that comes your way, in or out of the rodeo arena.  I hope you realize that thousands of us “back home” watched you compete and are incredibly proud of you for helping prove that breakaway roping belongs on the national stage.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride with you.  Go Rope.