As I’ve watched Go Rope grow over the past couple years, I’ve realized that the phrase “Go rope” has many meanings and can be applied to so many situations in life. I was reminded of this most recently while scrolling through Facebook a few days ago. I stumbled upon a controversy, if you will. A PRCA team roper had made some pretty insensitive and just plain unnecessary comments on social media in response to an article that had been published in Spin to Win on one of the top female ropers in the industry. This article had nothing to do with the PRCA cowboy. In fact, it was a great piece profiling this lady and her wish to inspire young girls to accomplish things in the rodeo world that haven’t been done. The article didn’t affect the cowboy in any way, shape, or form. Regardless, he decided that Facebook was a good platform to post his rant, and was met with quite a bit of backlash.

As I read his post and several of the hundreds of heated comments taking aim at this guy for his “choice” words, a deeply profound and philosophical sentence formed in my head. It was,

“Dude, just go rope.”

Perhaps not what you were expecting, but meaningful if you stop and think about it, nonetheless. I don’t understand why this guy felt the need to blast his negativity on Facebook for all the world to see. The article didn’t hurt him. It didn’t cause him physical pain and if it caused him emotional distress, I’m guessing it’s because he feels threatened by a woman roper as talented as the subject of the article. Regardless, I just kept thinking—why did he even go there? What was he trying to accomplish? He did nothing but make himself look like a jerk. And for what?

“Seriously, man. Just do you. Admire the talents and accomplishments of those around you. Worry about yourself, and just GO ROPE.”

A negative mindset is toxic—to you, and to those around you. Before you decide to impart your opinions on the world, ask yourself if it’s going to bring people up or push them down. The world is filled with anger, resentment, and turmoil. Don’t fuel the fire. Just Go Rope.

“Choose being kind over being right, and you’ll be right every time.” ~ Richard Carlson