I established Go Rope™ Clothing Co. with the tagline “Life is short, go rope” in part due to tragedy. In 2008, my father was heading steers at a local jackpot when his horse fell with him, and he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He has recovered far better than doctors said he would, however he does still live with many handicaps and disabilities. Some might think it odd that I would encourage people to “go rope” when it was a roping accident that stole my father’s independence and left him disabled. But, roping was his absolute passion and I have watched him spend hours trying to rope the dummy, in hope that he can someday back in the box again to run one more steer. I can say with certainty that nothing would make him happier….

With everything in life, there are risks involved, and the chance we’ll get hurt….but God didn’t create us to be spectators. He created us to live life boldly, to discover what brings us true joy, and to use that joy and passion for His glory. We never know when we’ll swing a leg over a horse for the last time, or back in the box to run our last steer. In the end, we only regret the things we didn’t get to say, the chances we didn’t take, and the memories we didn’t make. So, for that I say…..Life is short. Go rope.™

~Jenny Gilbert

Owner, Go Rope™ Clothing Co.