Name: Madison George, 2017 World’s Richest Breakaway Roping Average Champion

2017 WRB Haul:

  • $8,628.00 in cash — Split 1st/2nd in second go round for $1,156.00,  4th in the short round for $261.00, 1st in the average for $7,211.00
  • Trophy Cactus saddle
  • Trophy average champion buckle
  • Trophy go-round champion buckle
  • Two Cinch jeans gift certificates.

Hometown: Yampa, Colorado

Occupation: I live and work on my family’s ranch. We run a cow/calf operation.

Your thoughts on the World’s Richest BreakawayThis will be my third year coming up for it. I usually haul with my little sister, Morgan George. We like it because it’s a little bit closer for us than all of the Texas breakaways. It’s kind of a mini vacation for us, too. It’s hard to get away during calving, but our dad really supports our roping addiction so, thanks to him, we can go.

Tell us about your horse and your roping game plan at a jackpot like the WRB. Do you try to rope for the go round wins, or do you play it safe for the averageWell, my good horse is temporarily out of commission, so I’m not sure yet what I’m going to ride. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go by then. I’ve been practicing on a young horse that hasn’t been anywhere. And by practice, I mean roping sick calves in the hay meadows, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll pan out. I always rope for the average. If you get 3 clean ones down, your more than likely going to win some money. I never try to be fast, I just try to rope when it’s right.

Last year, you came into the short round in the 2nd high call back position. What do you remember about that? Were you nervous? What was your strategy going into that last run? I wasn’t too nervous. I felt good that day. I had my head on straight and just knew I needed to be clean and catch. Even if I would’ve been a second or two slower, I still would’ve won money. It just so happened I was able to be fast. (And be fast she was – winning 4th in the final round with 2.92.)

You took home over $8600 in cash alone last year. What did you do with your winnings? I put it in my savings account. I bought my horse a new saddle pad and some sweet skid boots. Lol.

Who are your roping mentors? My dad taught me everything I know about roping. Patty Stalley, who used to be an equine professor at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, put on some great clinics and helped me out a ton, too.

Are you at all intimidated by roping against WPRA world champion like Lari Dee Guy and Jackie Crawford? Well, of course. I mean they’re proven winners and obviously badass ropers. Their experience of short go after short go will definitely give them advantages over someone who has never made it back before. Roping against them gets me pumped up and competing with them gives me goosebumps. But, also in saying that, I respect every woman who has entered up there. I’m really rooting for breakaway to get more popular and would love for more big ones to be put on in the Wyoming/Colorado area.