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Trina Hadley - A Go Rope Inspiration

To know Trina Hadley is to know grace, gratitude and positivity personified.  A 2020 inductee to the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame, many would be impressed by Trina’s resume and career in the rodeo arena.  But if you’ve had the privilege to meet Trina, and the honor to call her your friend, you know that family and faith are the two driving forces in her life. 

Trina Hadley - November 2017

As an ovarian cancer survivor and roping enthusiast, the message behind Go Rope resonated with Trina several years ago.  We have been honored as she took us along on her journey and gained strength from our motto during chemotherapy, all the while brightening the lives of those who know and love her with her daily doses of faith and positivity.  Trina is one of those rare individuals gifted with a unique ability to simply make you feel better in her presence  – in spite of what obstacles she may personally be facing.  This was proven once again in 2018, when her son Shane (a talented steer wrestler) suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a horse accident.  (If you know the story behind Go Rope, you know that a similar accident at a team roping jacket left my father with a severe TBI as well.  Thus, the phrase “Life is short, go rope” was born, as a reminder to do what you enjoy doing, with those you love, whenever you get the chance and never take the ability to “go rope” for granted.)

Trina with her nurses in Sept. 2017

As thousands followed Shane’s progress on Facebook through posts from his friends and family, once again Trina’s unbelievable positive attitude and ultimate belief that God’s healing hands were on Shane every step of the way brought most of us to tears.  While facing one of the most difficult journeys a parent could face, Trina continued to inspire others with her radiant smile and joyous, uplifting posts of love and commitment to find the blessings in each day. 

Recently, Trina was faced with more medical challenges of her own, and has attacked them armed with her same beautiful smile, positive attitude, and absolute grace.  We expected nothing less.

Edith Wharton once said “There are two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” 

Trina, we look forward to the day you can Go Rope again, and simply want to thank you for being the candle AND the mirror to so many.

Life is short.  Go Rope.

~ Jenny