Why Our Ultra Hoodies Really Are "Ultra"

We get it.  You hear phrases like "premium quality" and "performance apparel" often when you're shopping for new threads.  Everyone wants you to believe their items are truly the best.  So, we thought we'd take a little time to explain just why our Ultra Performance hoodies really do live up to their name and are worth every penny.

The Specifics:  100% bonded polyester fleece, with smooth faced exterior and soft fleecy interior.

What That Really Means:  By nature, polyester fabric is very durable and comfortable.  Our Ultra hoodies prove just that, as we can just about guarantee that your hoodie will look the same a year from now as it does when you open your order!  The smooth faced exterior means the outside of the hoodie is smooth to the touch, which not only looks and feels cool, but means less hay and horse hair will stick to this material than regular fleece; and the soft fleecy interior means you won't compromise a cozy feel for a really tough piece of clothing.

The Specifics:  High warmth to weight ratio, eliminates need for extra bulk.

What That Really Means:  Our ultra hoodies are incredibly warm, without being super thick, stick, or restrictive.  Not only does this mean you'll be more comfortable, but it also means you won't have to pile on the layers to stay warm.  We've never seen him try it, but we're pretty sure the Michelin Man would have a pretty tough time spinning steers or pulling pipes.  We don't recommend it. 

 The Specifics:  Designed to perform in all weather conditions

What That Really Means:  This will be your go-to hoodie in the wind, the rain, and even the snow.  Do we guarantee our Ultra hoodies to be 100% wind- and water-proof?  No, but because of the incredibly tight woven knit, we DO guarantee that it will be more windproof and water resistant than any other "basic" hoodie on the market.  

We hope this info helps explain why we are so proud of our Ultra hoodies, and why they have long been a best selling item for us, no matter the color or design we choose to adorn them with.  If you've been on the fence about ordering one, you should probably go ahead.  If you've already got one, you know first hand how great they are.  You should probably get another in case someone tries to steal the one you have.  :)  Click HERE to go to our men's apparel section.  

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