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Step into the wild with the Mica sunglasses, a fusion of durability and style. Crafted from our resilient RELIALITE™ technology, the full-frame design ensures robust protection, while side shields provide an added layer of defense against the elements. Engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, these sunglasses are built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, ensuring your eyes remain shielded from glare and debris no matter where your journey takes you.

But the Mica is not just about functionality—it's about style too. Preferred for its timeless silhouette, these square sunglasses offer a versatile appeal that effortlessly complements any adventure ensemble, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor look. Imagine yourself scaling rocky peaks, the sun setting in a blaze of colors, as the Mica sunglasses shield your eyes from the glare, allowing you to focus on the breathtaking views ahead enhancing your vision with its clarity and precision.

So whether you're exploring rugged landscapes, lounging by the shoreline, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature, let the Mica be your go-to style. With every step you take, they'll be there, reminding you to embrace the spirit of adventure and explore the world with confidence.

Key Features:
• Lightweight and durable RELIALITE™ frame construction.
• Side shields add an extra layer of optical protection.
• Rubber temple tips provide a comfortable and secure fit.
• Rubber nose pads provide enhanced comfort, stability, and support.
• NYPO® Technology lenses deliver exceptional clarity and protection.
• 6-base lens curvature for a slightly curved frame design.