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Paying homage to the spirit of exploration and adventure, the Wing is perfect for anyone ready to push boundaries and explore new horizons. Picture yourself conquering towering rock faces, traversing winding hiking trails, or embarking on epic road trips with unwavering confidence and determination. As you embrace the great outdoors, the Wing stands as a symbol of your fearless spirit and unyielding passion for exploration. So, pack your bags, lace up your boots, and let the journey begin with the Wing by your side!

Engineered with precision and care, these sunglasses feature a robust frame construction made from high-quality nickel silver, ensuring exceptional durability in even the most rugged environments. With rubber temple tips for added comfort and the innovative BEX® Universatility™ System for hassle-free nose pad replacement, the Wing offers unparalleled performance designed to exceed your expectations.

Key Features:
• Robust, yet lightweight nickel silver frame construction.
• Rubber temple tips for extra comfort and grip.
• Features the BEX® Universatility™ System.
• NYPO® Technology lenses deliver exceptional clarity and protection.
• 6-base lens curvature for a slightly curved frame design.